Cittalia is a foundation constituted in 2008 by ANCI, the National Association of Italian Municipalities.

Cittalia promotes the culture of reception, integration and citizenship, helping to strengthen the role of cities in the pursuit of social inclusion policies.
Until recently, Cittalia also carried out activities in the fields of the environment, public and private institutions, innovation, welfare and social inclusion.

Cittalia includes the Servizio Centrale del SAI, the central co-ordination office of SAI, which is the Italian system for reception and integration.
The Servizio Centrale is managed by ANCI with the operational support of Cittalia. It carries out information, promotion, consultancy and technical assistance for local authorities.  It also monitors the presence of applicants for and beneficiaries of international protection in Italy ( –

Cittalia provides municipalities with information and services on the main European financing programmes and support for Euro-planning activities in the Foundation’s main areas: #citizenship   #reception   #integration.

          Matteo Biffoni
Director             Luca Pacini
Board                 Stefania Dota, Patrizia Minnelli, Lara Panfili
Auditors            Nicola Lopez, Manuela Furigo, Massimo Guastella

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