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Cittalia – Fondazione ANCI Ricerche promotes and diffuses the culture of autonomy and self-government, studying and managing processes of innovation in urban government. It contributes to strengthening the cities’ role as driving forces of modernisation, producers of culture, bastions of identity.
Cittalia intends to be:

  • A centre of analysis, reflection and forecasting that works on the future of Italian Cities and municipalities through an approach characterised by:
    • A medium to long-term perspective that goes beyond the limits imposed by national political-institutional cycles;
    • A cross-sector viewpoint, looking at the plurality of dynamics affecting cities and adopting an interdisciplinary approach, with the contribution of different scientific disciplines;
  • A cultural institution which participates in the political-institutional debate and discussions on public policy by proposing themes for reflection, defining prospective scenarios and encouraging a predisposition for projects of reform and innovation;
  • A point of reference for Italian Cities and their governmental institutions to promote their role and sustain their work by supporting the development of public urban policies and the improvement of planning, management and assessment.