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Cittalia – Fondazione ANCI Ricerche is a research foundation of the National Association of Italian Communes, whose mission is to guide Italian cities and municipalities through the challenges created by transformations in society and the economy.
Economic competitiveness is changing, social models are being overturned, new needs are emerging, values and interests are being renewed. Citizens and businesses are making new requests of municipal governments. Urban societies and local communities are asking for forms of representation and decision-making models appropriate to the pace of economic activity.

In a gobalised world, cities are considered the real driving forces of today’s economy: they are centres of innovation, poles for Research and Development, with the largest amount of specialised services and the greatest infrastructure potential. They attract both financial resources and the most highly skilled staff.
Italy needs cities like this; cities that are open, dynamic, accessible, safe, able to renew the system of services for citizens, to contribute to the socio-economic growth of the urban fabric, and to give impetus to the whole country through their development. Yet there is still little awareness in Italy of the new key role being played by cities. Today people’s attention must be concentrated on the city. There is a need to think and act to strengthen those cities already established in global relations; to encourage the development and assertion of cities experiencing a tricky phase of change; and to re-launch those in crisis or decline. These themes need to be tackled using a systemic, cross-sector approach also with a view to achieving clear institutional spin-offs for the process of reform the country is currently going through.